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Ladies Tweed Jackets and Coats

Take a look at our collection of ladies tweed jackets and ladies tweed coats all beautifully tailored in London for Manteaux from Harris tweed  The selection of colours may not be what you are expecting - "Cerise and Seagrass is a new, glorious colour combination showing just how far Harris Tweed has evolved in the last few years.

What's so special about Harris Tweed?

Tweed is a natural fibre textile, woven with a soft, open weave and made from 100% wool.  The word "Tweed" derives from the Scots word "Tweel" or "twill", a type of weave common to the cloth.

Harris Tweed is a luxury cloth which was originally produced entirely by hand in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.  Woven by the islanders for local use, this beautiful cloth came to the attention of Lady Dunmore who was so taken with it that, in 1846, she chose to have their clan tartan woven by Harris weavers in tweed.

Lady Dunmore spread the word very effectively, as a result of which a successful trade in Harris Tweed was established throughout the country.  The Harris Tweed Association was formed in 1909 to ensure quality control and, in order to protect the name from imitations, the Harris Tweed Orb and Maltese Cross were trademarked in 1910.

Today's Harris Tweed is softer and lighter, and with over 4,000 commonly used patterns and colour combinations, it's easy to see why  Harris Tweed has become a wardrobe staple for discerning customers all over the world.