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Ladies Herringbone Wool Coats and Jackets

Our collection of ladies wool jackets and ladies wool coats is tailored in London exclusively for Manteaux from the finest Shetland wool, woven by Abraham Moon to produce herringbone fabric.

Herringbone has a distinctive zig-zag pattern, the shape resembling the skeleton of a herring.  This bold pattern gives the cloth a richness and texture that’s perfect for autumn and winter style.

Why choose wool?

Wool has excellent absorption properties; it can therefore absorb every shade of dye deeply and uniformly creating an infinite choice of rich colours.

It's natural elasticity resists crinkles and creasing, allowing fabrics to retain their natural shape.  Woollen fabrics are also hard-wearing - they are tear- and abrasion resistant because the outer skin of wool fibre acts as a protective film.

Being breathable,  wool is a natural all-season fabric.  It has the ability to easily absorb moisture (up to 30% of its weight) without feeling damp; it is therefore equally comfortable in both warm and cold weather.

Interestingly,  most woollen garments have a natural UV protection factor of 30+ - considerably higher than most synthetic materials.  It is also a natural flame retardant due to the high content of water and nitrogen, which is why it is used in protective clothing.

Even at the end of it's life as a garment, wool fabrics and fibres can be re-cycled or allowed to degrade as compost.